Show off your "Flair" with these 1.5" buttons

Now also available as keychains and magnets!

Available Designs Include:
"Crit Yeah" 

"I Spend All My $ On Dice"

"Dice Goblin"
"No Such Thing As Too Many Dice"
"You're a Dragon & That's Your Hoard"

"Thou May Ingest A Satchel Of Richards"
"Check Thyself Lest Thou Wreck Thyself"
"You Can't Drink All Day If You Don't Start In The Morning"
"Fashionably Late? More Like Anxiously Early"
"Notice Me Senpai"
"All The Bacon And Eggs You Have!"
"Heathen" In Elder Futhark runes, available plain or with the Tripple Goddes, Mjolnir, or a Pentacle
"No Power In The Verse Can Stop Me"
"Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal!"
"SHINY! Let's Be Bad Guys!"
"I am a leaf on the wind watch- NO TOO SOON!"

"Nani the F*ck?"


Note: Buttons are notoriously difficult to photograph but attempted to get the lighting correct to show the truest colors but may still vary based on monitor settings.


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