A whole plethora of handmade, unique earrings! Many of these I'll never be able to recreate due to specialty charms or limited edition jump ring colors.


All earrings are handwoven using light-weight, anodized aluminium and the buyer's choice of hook, post, kidney, or clip-ons.

Chainmaille Earrings

  • All of our earrings come with one of five different earwire styles:

    -Clip-ons, these are engineered plastic and perfect for those with metal allergies or non-pierced ears. They hold well without pinching too!

    -Posts, for a slightly shorter option

    -Hooks, your standard fishhook option

    -Kidney, these are great for those who have stretched lobes since they can go through a tunnel or under a plug and close securely. 

    -Lever Back, closeable earrings and a shorter option than the Kidney.

    All except the clip-ons are made of stainless steel.