Need a bunch of just that one dice shape? We've got you covered!


The dice chest we normally have at shows has been divvied up and sorted into their respective sizes. Now you can order batches of d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and d20 dice! 

They're all randomly picked at the time of order and we make no guarantee for colors (I will do my best to not send duplicates in small orders though).

Loose Mystery Dice

  • My love of dice (and needing affordable d20s for my craft...and having Goblin friends) has found me as a Chessex and HD supplier!

    All the dice for sale are New, Never Used, and all Chessex poly sets include all 7 pieces as well as the card/case.
    I make no guarantee as to the number/style of windows & swirls in the dice, all photos are staged & not the exact dice that will be shipped.
    Feel free to message with requests & I'll do my best to fulfill them!

    If you place an order for dice with custom chainmaille or scalemaille the dice will ship with the custom order when it's ready.

  • We are now shipping to Canada!

    We have two shipping options, First Class (1-3+ weeks) and Priority (6-10 Business Days), available at checkout.

    We are not responsible for any custom fees or return shipping if it the package is not picked up and will need to be sent out again.