From Chessex: The main reason for the Lab Dice™ is to be able to release a lot of colors into the market and use the sales information for which colors are the best to be later integrated into our normal dice ranges. 

30038 - Heavy™ Dice Polyhedral Orange/turquoise 7-Die Set**

30039 - Heavy™ Dice Polyhedral Turquoise/orange 7-Die Set**

30040 - Nebula® Polyhedral Copper Matrix/orange Luminary 7-Die Set*

30041 - Nebula® Polyhedral Supernova/white Luminary 7-Die Set*

30042 - Gemini® Polyhedral Clear-Pink/white Luminary 7-Die Set*

30043 - Gemini® Polyhedral Black-White/pink 7-Die Set


*Gemini Clear-Pink, Nebula Copper Matrix and Supernova have the Luminary™ Glow-in-the-Dark effect, which debuted in 2019 with the Luminary™ Sky.


**From Chessex: These dice are made from the same material as the interior of the Faux Metal™ dice we debuted at shows a few years back. This material is about 63% heavier than the normal plastic used by the German factory to make their dice. The advantage of these dice is that they are heavier than normal dice so they have the feel of being special but are not so heavy that they are likely to damage the surface they are being rolled upon. Testing is always recommended, though, as you don't want to dent Aunt Millie's favorite table! We liked these complementary opaque colors because they are bright, unique, and look good. These dice will brighten up any gaming session and will definitely get noticed! We don't think there is anything quite like these presently available at this price point. Please be understanding that there is a minor issue with the material that causes occasional mold marks. We think that the positives ‘outweigh’ this small negative.


>Note these are the last of my Lab Sets, there will be no replacements or currated sets available

Wave 4 Lab Dice

  • My love of dice (and needing affordable d20s for my craft...and having Goblin friends) has found me as a Chessex and HD supplier!

    All the dice for sale are New, Never Used, and all Chessex poly sets include all 7 pieces as well as the card/case.
    I make no guarantee as to the number/style of windows & swirls in the dice, all photos are staged & not the exact dice that will be shipped.
    Feel free to message with requests & I'll do my best to fulfill them!

    If you place an order for dice with custom chainmaille or scalemaille the dice will ship with the custom order when it's ready.

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